International calls through Internet -VOIP
Using the service for international calls (VOIP) – you can make calls abroad using our network and saving up to 75% on the cost of international calls vs. your traditional operator. Compared with the traditional telephony prices for calls over the Internet below – this is the main advantage of VOIP .

And also:

  • Per-second billing increments of 1 sec;
  • Lack of a license fee , connection fee ;
  • To make calls from any phone softphone , computer or office ipATS worldwide ;
  • You control the cost of communication and cut them by switching to lower rates ;

Benefits business services

  • Eliminated the problem of traditional telephony. Does not require expensive office equipment;
  • Reduce the cost of international and long distance calls 3-5 times ;
  • Opportunity to get a few phone numbers of different cities and countries on one machine. For example, you can buy in Kiev , Moscow and London phone numbers and receive calls to your Internet phone , regardless of your location ;
  • Mobility: you can make and receive calls in any city or country that is certainly important for the business;
  • Preparation of additional communication channel. Opportunity to call without downloading ordinary telephone lines and using them as a backup or for other tasks ;